Testimonials for Dolphin Pro Power Seller

"In over 11 years of telemarketing, the Dolphin Pro Power Seller is the best, most stable, and easiest to use of all the dialers I have used. I am very satisfied!" Craig (telemarketing) in Ohio

"WOW! WOW! Unbelievable and super cool system." Julie (real estate) in Michigan

"After using Dolphin Dialer for 5 months I cannot imagine making calls without it. It is truly a "money making machine". Thanks again." Gene (appointment setter) in Georgia

"I have to tell you, I am so impressed with your system, I don't even know what to say. I'm going to spread the word to all of my business colleagues who sit there on the phone dialing all day like a bunch of cuckoos!" Laurel (health care plan) in Florida

"I am VERY PLEASED with the quality and truly look forward to the impact this will have on my business." Sean (financial services) in New Jersey

"Thank you is just not enough. From the product to the people, you have not only made my experience delightful, but most of all, Profitable.  From all of us at our company, Thank You Again!"  Everett (sales) in Florida.

"I tried out the software for a few minutes and I have to say it is amazing.  The speed, the clarity, convenience, etc.  Awesome, just awesome!"  Gabe (real estate) in Ontario, Canada

"I absolutely LOVE the Dolphin."  I knew exactly what I wanted, but didn’t know it existed!  I started my search and became very disappointed until I tried the power dialer by EVS.  I was sold within 5 minutes of using the trial.  Thanks guys!  Your system is exactly what I was looking for."  Sam (tax & business services) Florida

"Awesome product!  I also want to tell you how grateful I am for the professional manner everyone at your company conducts themselves.  Howard is great.  He spent almost an hour with me.  Wow! Thank you."  Regis (insurance) in Ohio

"The Dolphin is the best deal I’ve seen and I have worked with a bunch of systems over the years.  I ran phone rooms for 20 years."  Pete (call center) in Arizona

"I want to just say thank you and let you know what a good job Lyle and Howard did this morning helping me.  They were patient and thorough in helping me.  I appreciate their help…thank you very much."  John (credit card processing) in Arizona

"I love the Dolphin Power Dialer. I tried other dialers and they were too expensive and too cumbersome. I have increased my calls and sales (and business) and reduced my costs! The service after the sale is phenomenal. I wouldn't use anything but the Dolphin!!!" Becky (B2B sales) in Florida